Thursday, 29 August 2013


Oh my darlings, I've been away, had a sojourn if you will, but I've missed my Currently posts like crazy. So I'm back! The delightful Ot and Et and Harvesting Kale are hosting and I am Currently....

Loving: Getting ready for the new school year. I can remember this feeling from my school days, new shoes, new pencil case, crisp smart new uniform. New teachers in new classrooms and the familiarity and comfort of old friends. I love the start of school, so does Biscuit. Roll on September! 

Cleaning: Before we went on holiday I cleaned every inch of our house. It was sparkling. So much so that I've only really needed to do little bits to catch up since then, which is always a bonus. One thing I can never get away with not cleaning though is the television stand in our lounge. Some smarty pants thought it would be a good idea to have black glass which shows every gummy little baby hand print. Sigh. I clean that thing almost as often as I breathe out. 

Working: I've been working on a little project which I really must post about. Nothing major, just tweaking an old dress to make it wearable. Great fun though. I love giving new life to something old and a bit rubbish.

Creating: Biscuit was given a Sock Monster kit for her birthday back in April and I've been trying to finish off her monster. In truth I haven't really got very far. I don't feel very creative following a rigid pattern and it's off putting. I should get on with it, but I keep finding more interesting little jobs. Poor Biscuit.

Watching: After not going up the cinema for about two years, we've been twice in the last month! The first time to see The World's End, I LOVED it. In fact it inspired this post. Then on Monday we saw Alpha Papa, the Alan Partridge film. It was great. As a long time fan of Steve Coogan I was a bit worried about how this would translate into film. I needn't have been concerned, it was hysterical and cringe worthy and amazing. 

Next week: Growing, Buying, Earning, Judging, Embracing 

Join in?

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  1. Me too with the cinema thing! Haven't seen The World's End, but enjoyed Alan Partridge a lot.

  2. There's definitely something about September that gives it a new beginnings feeling, even when you've been out of the academic circus for years!

    1. Absolutely! I still remember that new school year feeling. Half terrifying, half great!

  3. Oh I love that back to school feeling! I work in a school so I still get to enjoy that nostalgic feeling! Looking forward to the post about the dress!

    Lauren x


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