Friday, 30 August 2013

Friday Treats.....#1 - Twizzle Sticks

I am a working Mama. I have a part time job and work two days a week, on Wednesdays and on Fridays. I have worked in the same field for seventeen years, nearly half my life! So I guess must enjoy it, right? I am lucky enough to have been allowed to work what they call "Condensed Hours" which means that I am at work for nineteen hours a week, nearly three days in standard length days, but in fact I'm only in the office for two days. This is brilliant, but it does mean that often I leave before Wiggles wakes up and she's then asleep by the time I get back home. That's tough.

Biscuit, being older, is allowed to stay up a little later when I'm at work so we can see each other when I get home. I can chat to her, find out about her day and make sure she's ok. I put her to bed, read with her and reconnect after that time apart, which makes us both happy. 

I do feel a little guilty about not being there for the all the time though. I suppose that's why I got into the habit of buying Biscuit a "Friday Treat". Each week I buy her a present, just something small, to let her know that I've been thinking of her, so that she knows I love her even when I'm not with her. I try and spend just a tiny amount, £1, maybe £2. Money doesn't matter to her, she just enjoys the gift. When Wiggles gets older I'll buy her a once weekly treat too. 

It's turned into a bit of a competition with myself to buy the nicest gift I can find, for the smallest amount of money.

Anyway, I thought I'd start sharing her Friday treats with you. They vary, but they're not usually the same twice. I just wanted to show that you don't have to shower your child in expensive gifts, or break the bank to make them happy. 

So here goes, this weeks Friday treat is:


Friday Treat: A glitter baton! 

Price:  Reduced in Wilkinson's from £2.50 to £1. Apparently it should assist with coordination and encourages active play. Winner! 

Reaction: Ecstatic! 

Go me! Do you buy little gifts to make your small people smile? 

Have great weekends!

Love, love, 

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The other rather marvellous thing about working on a Friday is that it's Curry Friday! As described in this post. This week was a delicious Chicken Mogul, a light fragrant curry made with almonds, served with South Indian Dahl. A good 8/10! Good work Ken.


  1. I used to do a condensed week - do a 9 day fortnight pattern now. Really tricky weighing up how to maximise how to spend the most/ best time with them. The gift is a lovely idea, and I'd be delighted with that one too!

    1. It's hard getting it right isn't it? I can't complain at two days for the price of three though! I confess, I did have a bit of a go with the baton myself before handing it over...

  2. That is fantastic and what a nice idea! I worked over Christmas and that was hard but LM didn't really notice.. when I go back next year after i've finished retraining and she realises i'm not there, then it'll be even harder!

    God, I'd love one of those batons! ;)


    1. Thank you Amy :) I think you have to give yourself credit for working to make sure you give Little Miss a great future though my dear, you will be a great inspiration to her! xx

  3. I know exactly how you feel.. I work just one day a week but it's a very long day too. For the first few months I would buy the munchkins an ice cream as soon as I picked them up from their daycare, my little way of treating them seeing as I'd missed out on spending the day with them, (I had to phase it out though as I pick them up so close to dinner time it was totally ruining their dinner!! oops)

    1. I'm glad I'm not alone! I try not to buy Wiggles an edible treat *too* often, for exactly the same reason!

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    1. Thanks lovely! She was pretty chuffed I must say!

  5. I think that's lovely you get her a Friday treat! I agree that gifts don't have to be expensive to be brilliant and appreciated! I would have been thrilled with a glitter baton as a child!

    Lauren x

    1. If I'm really, really honest Lauren, I think somewhere deep down it was a bit of a present for me too, when she's in bed I've had a couple of twirls on it, so much fun!


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