Thursday, 1 August 2013

Five Among Friends - My Five!!

I've been a little absent, for which I apologise, but I've been enjoying having both my girls at home with me and we've been having lots of fun together. Blog posts have taken a bit of a back seat as life sometimes gets in the way, no? Anyhoo! It's Five Among Friends time and THIS week it's MY turn to pose the questions! Have a butchers round the other ladies site for their responses, but here are mine!!

1. If you were going to start you own company, what would it be? 
I would LOVE to run a sandwich shop, selling lovely lunches and beautiful little cakes. It's always been a fuzzy eyed little dream of mine :) Eating whatever sandwich I wanted at any time of the day or night, baking amazing cakes that make people oooooh and ahhhhh.....sigh......

2. Who is the craziest person in your life? 
My dear old friend Noir. He is wonderful, and I love him dearly, but I think he'd agree that he's utterly bonkers. I admire him though, he's gone his own way and he hasn't always found that easy. Like all of us, he's made duff decisions in the past, but his heart is in the right place. He deserves to find happiness through all the crazy.

3. What would the title of your autobiography be? Explain why....? 
This is one of those pub conversation questions I used to use to try and glean something about people. My response, and my title would be "What was Plan B Again?" A jovial nod to the fact that I can be a bit useless at times, but I get there in the end.

4. What do you lie about?
If I could get away with lying about my age, I would. I also (frequently) ahem, "tailor" the price of things when chatting to my dear Mama. Things tend to be far more of a bargain when I'm talking to her, it's just easier that way....

5. What are you obsessed with right now? 
Probably a few things! I'm obsessed with writing my holiday list for when we go away next week. I'm obsessed with watching my little girl practice walking. I'm obsessed with M&S smokey BBQ crisps and I'm a little bit obsessed with avocados!

Thank you for reading! Now head off to check out my partners in crime!

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  1. Awesome questions Kate - but difficult. Who is the craziest person? You had a good answer, but I don't know any other crazy person but myself.

    Great questions! Can't wait to answer them.

    1. Haha, thanks Lisa! You can say yourself! Crazy is good!


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