Monday, 5 August 2013

Old School Blogging - Tag You're IT!

One of my favourite all time bloggers is Taby from The Closet Intellectual.  Please visit her blog, it's such a fabulously eclectic place, you wont be disappointed.  She recently tagged me in an old school blogging game of tag!  What could be more exciting?!

Five things I have a passion for:

1. My family.  Obvs!  They fill me with happiness.  Nuff said.

2.  Food! I love to eat, to savour, to enjoy, to relish, to scoff, hoover, chow and delight in my food.  Food is one of lifes great pleasures.

3.  Reading Sherlock Holmes novels and short stories.  I also love the the old black and white Basil Rathbone films and Jeremy Brett's portrayal in the television series was excellent.  I have a huge passion for Holmes.  I do watch the current BBC series with Benedict Cumberbatch (he is delicious) but I tend to end up shouting at the television a bit.  Although I do like the hidden references, they amuse me.

4.  Baking, making, crocheting, sewing, re-vamping, growing something, making something my own.  Breathing new life into something considered lifeless giving something that was once unloved a bit more loving makes me very happy indeed.

5.  Getting away from everything!  I don't mean going on holiday, I mean getting away from people out into the countryside and walking, through the breeze, fields and emptiness to clear my head and spend proper time alone with my lovely family.  Just us.

Five things I would like to do before I die: 

1.  See every Shakespeare play
2.  Climb every mountain...
3.  Have enough money to be frivolous...
4.  Ride the Orient Express
5.  See both my girls grow up, get married and have babies of their own...

Five things I say a lot:
1.  Laters!
2.  Soz
3.  Ah-ha!
4.  Bye-I-Love-You-Bye (all one word)
5.  She's a homunculus!

Five favourite movies:

1. 10 Rillington Place
2.  Basquiat
3.  Don't Look Now
3. Withnail & I
4.  Muppet's Christmas Carol

Five places I would love to travel:

1.  Austria
2.  Budapest
3.  New York
4.  Sweden 
5.  Mexico

Five people I hope play this Old School Blogging Game:

1.  Hayley from Sparkles and Stretchmarks
2.  Amy from Cocktails in Teacups
3.  Helen from I write this Sitting in the Kitchen Sink
4.  Rhiannon from The Sparkly Panda
5.  Margot from Margot Tries the Good Life

You heard me ladies - TAG!  You're it!   Scatter!!!!

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  1. Thank you for tagging me! I will do this! :)

    Eeeek Dont Look Now...scary!

    Sparkles & Stretchmarks

    1. You're so welcome! Look forward to reading yours Hayley :) xx

  2. Aah sounds like great fun! All those place are on my travel-to-do list too!! :) Hope you're well! xx

    1. I'd love to go! I so well thank you my lovely, hope you are too xx


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