Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Things My Mother Taught Me....

You only get one Mum, right? I know there are all kinds of Mum's out there, good, bad and indifferent, but I've been blessed with my lovely Mum.

She's a strong Yorkshire woman, from good stock. She's not afraid to speak her mind, not afraid of hard work and not afraid to belt out a tune or impart a pearl of wisdom here and there. 

She once made me laugh talking about a friend of hers who'd been looking after her elderly and unwell Mother in Law, she was telling me how she felt bad for her, that it must be awful to be so responsible for someone and to have to care for them 24-7, in a never ending cycle. I pointed out to her that that's exactly what she does for my older brother. He has learning difficulties and lives at home and needs care, attention, time and constant effort. When we first think about entering into Motherhood we imagine our children spreading their wings and flying the nest at 20, say? Maybe 18 if they go to university. Then we get some semblance of life back right? We can enjoy all the things we put on hold to raise our precious bundles. Then we can go on lovely holidays, treat ourselves however we please. Not my Mum. Her commitment to being a Mother goes way beyond that, it's constant. Never ending. And she does it so lightly, like its nothing.   To her it's just everyday life, it's just what you do. Nothing is more important than her children. She amazes me.

And like every good Mum she's taught me lessons along the way. To name but a few they are: 

1. Whatever your child has done, however naughty they've been, whatever trouble they're in you defend them first and give them "what for" later. Growing up always knew that my Mum had my back.

2. Always cover your bottom. We're not talking figuratively here, you should always have your bottom covered with your clothing. Leggings with your bum hanging out are a no, no, no.

3. Don't be drawn. People love to gossip. People love to put others down for entertainment. Don't be coaxed into those sorts of conversation, never say anything about soneone that you wouldn't be happy to say directly to that person's face. 

4. Say it like it is. If someone asks your opinion give it kindly, but tell it straight. Don't mince your words, if someone is behaving badly there's nothing wrong with saying "I think you're being quite rude, is it intentional?" and directness usually shuts people up. 

5. You dont need to spend a fortune to look nice. Dress well when you're out. Change clothes into your scruffy stuff when you're home. It's doubles the life of your wardrobe and avoids issues with baby slobber. 

6. Give and accept compliments. If someone looks lovely, tell them. If someone compliments you, thank them. Resist "oh this old thing...."

7. Seek the positive. There is a silver lining somewhere. Don't be the sort of person who constantly complains about how rubbish their life is, get your head down and work hard to change things for the better.

8. Don't spend money you don't have. If you want it, save for it. You'll love it more because you earnt it. 

9. Never leave the house without mints and tissues. If it doesn't have mints and tissues in its handbag it's not my Mother!!

10. Whisky cures tummy ache. Eventually. 

Thank you Mum, I've learnt my lessons well. I'm so proud of you, you're fantastic, you really are.

My lovely Mum, Christmas 2012


  1. Awwll Kate, I loved this post! Made my well up a bit as i'm really missing my mum at the moment.

    And gosh, you're definitely your mothers daughter! :)

    Amy xx

    1. Bless you Any, thank you. It must be really tough going from having your Mum there with you so much, to being on your own. I feel
      for you my dear xx

  2. This is a beautiful post. ♥

  3. oh, but this is a lovely post! Your mother sounds like an amazing woman and I love all the tips she's passed on. I particularly liked the one about keeping your bum covered :) xx

    1. Thank you lovely! She is a good 'un! So, so true about keeping your bum covered, I feel sobering if mine's on show, I know she'd wince at me!!

  4. Oh, I love this post. Your mother sounds like a great woman, and mother, and I love her pearls of wisdom :-) Panicking now, as I have no mints...!

    1. Haha! Buy mints immediately! Buy mints! Mints I say!

      Then blow your nose....

  5. How wonderful!! Mothers are the best!

    1. They certainly are! I'd be lost without mine!

  6. Sounds like you have a wonderful mum and some very good life lessons! I definitely need to get some mints and tissues into my handbag!

    Lauren x


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