Thursday, 19 September 2013


Hello Campers!

Once again I am joining in with Ot and Et and Harvesting Kale and am Currently....

Changing:  I can think of a few things which need to change, but I haven't got around to actually doing any of those things yet. The summer duvet needs changing for the warmer, thicker winter version.  My summer wardrobe needs changing for the autumn and winter clothes.  

Remembering:  To give Biscuit my old Teddy Bear.  She is doing a project at school about how toys have changed over the years, each parent was asked to send in an old, or favourite toy with a little description.  She was thrilled to be allowed to have a look through my bag of out toys, given some respite from their bin bag in the loft.  Goldie the Teddy Bear in her seventies dress was duly sent into school.  And kept there!  For the Toy Museum!  I don't know whether to be thrilled or insulted!

A Picture of Biscuit and her bear, when she was small.  Just shows how much her sister looks like her!

Needing:  My response to needing hasn't really changed from last week's post.  I could come up with a whole list of things that I neeeeed....but in truth they are only things that I would quite like. Half the Boden Winter Catalogue would be good?!  I don't need much to be happy, me.

Cleaning:  My system!  I don't like using the "D" word, as it seems to doom me to failure, but I confess I have been dieting a little.  Not in a nuts way.  Just in a "being a lardy bum really isn't good for anyone" way.  I confess to having lost approximately ten pounds so far!  I say approximately because a) my scales have a mind of their own and b) I haven't weighed in this week so I'm hoping that I haven't put any weight ON!  I still need to lost another stone (approximately) to be within healthy BMI range, but slowly does it!

Feeling:  Proud of one little darling, she's been asked to be on the "Eco Council" at School.  As I understand it two children from every class are put forward and they are largely expecting to have a "meeting" with the Headmaster regarding important issues such as making sure windows and doors are kept shut.  It seems very strange to hear a five year old talk about going to a meeting.  

I have been feeling worried about the other little darling.  Twitter followers may already know about my concern that she was walking strangely, falling over a lot and bumping her poor baby bonce for no apparent reason.  I duly took her to the Doctor's to see if her cold had lead to an ear infection, and he confirmed that this was exactly the case.  I feel so sorry for my poor little sausage.  Painful ears is no fun at all.  Cue lots of hat wearing and lots of Mummy-picking up indignantly removed hats from the floor..... 

Join in?

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  1. I'm refusing to change my summer wardrobe for my winter one just yet. You never know.....

    Well done to little darling 1 for getting on the Eco Council. Poor little darling 2 with her ear infection. I used to suffer a lot with those when I was a little darling! xx

    1. I'm reluctant too, but I can't help but wonder what might be up in the loft that I've forgotten all about! Maybe there's a whole new wardrobe up there?!!!

  2. Hope the ear infection resolves; horrible thing to have to put up with. And Eco Council meetings - how fantastic! Maybe campaigning for important causes runs in the family?

    1. Thank you my dear, in hoping she's almost back to normal again now! :) xx


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