Friday, 20 September 2013

Friday Treats.....#4 - Ooompah, oompah, stick it up your jumper!

Good evening lovelies! I honestly can't believe that Friday has come around again so quickly!  It only seems five minutes since last week's Friday Treats post.

This week I was trolling through the shops and found quite a bargain for lucky Miss Biscuit.  This little beauty!  

Forgive the slightly rubbish photograph, I couldn't seem to get the light right, so resorted to the flash in the end.  It's been a long day!!

I wouldn't normally choose something so big for a Friday treat, but it is really lovely and quite a bargain, so I thought, what the hey!

Friday Treat: A gorgeously soft stripey jumper from Gap Kids

Price:  Originally £17.95, reduced to £6.99

Reaction: Very, very chuffed.  She has style that girl!  I was met with:
"Can I put it on now Mummy?  Over my pyjamas?  To sleep in?"
"Erm, no.  But you can put it on tomorrow"

I think that's a pretty good reaction!

Have great weekends!

Love, love, 

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  1. Bargain! Makes me think off the Sultans of Ping - although of course Biscuit won't lose this one.

  2. Ha! I flippin LOVED Sultans of Ping!!! I had the tshirt and everything!! Knew exactly what you meant, even before watching the clip!!! Dancing at the disco bumper to bumper, wait a minute, where's me jumper?!!! You had very excellent music taste Caz :)

  3. You might say things can only get better, but you haven't lost your brand new sweater..."Of" not "off" in my comment, and I cant even blame the phone!


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