Friday, 13 September 2013

Friday Treats....#3 - Bananas

Good evening lovelies! 

Friday, Friday, Friday! 

Friday Treat: Bananas in Pyjamas Activity Pad

Price:  £1

Reaction: Initially she was a bit confused about whether it was a colouring book, a reading book or a puzzle book, but once we'd explained that actually it was all three she was pretty flippin' pleased. She's quite a fan of B1 and B2 and is looking forward to colouring them in pink!

I did start to think that I was a bit mean choosing this as a treat, that it might be a bit like buying her a copy of The Puzzler (a puzzle magazine for the elderly) but she was chuffed so I am redeemed!! 

Have great weekends!

Love, love, 

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This week's curry was Chicken Parsee with a South Indian daal. YUMMERS! It was sp-i-i-cy! 8/10, good curry-work!! 


  1. It is always hit or miss with kids-- educational-esque presents I mean. The trick is to trick them into thinking its simply a good time lol! My kinder used to love activity pads!

  2. I used to love Bananas in Pjymamas but I think years of it has taken it's toll on me lol. My kids just think anything that has blank pages must be made all colourful and pretty asap x


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