Friday, 27 September 2013

Friday Treats....#5 - Cheers Big Ears!

Good evening lovelies! Had a good week? Yup, me too! Once again it's time for my Friday Treats post.

This week I'd spent too long chatting over curry when I realised I had yet to buy Biscuit's treat. A quick trip to Wilko's where they had a very useful toy sale going on soon solved that! This week lucky, lucky Biscuit was honoured to receive: 

Yep, you heard me! Comedy ears! Hahaha :)

Friday Treat: Comedy Ears 

Price:  Reduced from somewhere around £2 to 50p. I have to admit that I didn't look at the full price all that closely. I was too busy chuckling at COMEDY EARS! 

Reaction: She thought they were pretty funny and particularly loved the idea of tricking her Daddy into thinking that her ears had just mutated. What more could a five year old want out of life?

Have great weekends!

Love, love, 

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This weeks curry was Chicken Dhansak, with spicy mixed beans. Lovely and herby, 7/10. Mmmmmm :) 


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