Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The Active Life.....#2 Blackberry Picking

I'm linking up with Aanie at The Active Mum, again this week for her Active Life linky.  We like to do something outdoors with the children together every weekend.  To me it's as important as sitting around the table to eat together.  This weekend we decided to go blackberry picking.  If you asked Biscuit before we left the house if she'd like to go, she'd say no, hands down!  But once we're out she's more than happy.

We headed to a nearby nature reserve with lots of hedgerows so I knew we'd do well.  Biscuit loved helping me get right into the bushes and collect the blackberries.  They're a bit like treasure to her, one for the basket, one for her, one for the basket, one for her.

Wiggles initially sat in her buggy and watched us all, but soon decided that wasn't for her so she squeaked and squawked until we let her out.  She certainly knows how to get her message across, despite not being able to talk!  Once free she belted up and down the path behind us at high speed, occasionally stopping to stick her nose into the basket to check progress.

Mr Husband is lovely and tall, so he was in charge of picking all the really plump fruit at the top of the bushes that no one else could reach.   

Look how well we did!

Originally we were planning to make a blackberry and apple crumble, then this changed to jam.  In the end we made neither due to not having quite the right ingredients, neither of us wanted to blight our weekend with a trip to the supermarket!  Instead we shared out our haul with my Mum and Dad and we all just ate fresh blackberries.  They were delicious!  A great way of getting some fresh air and have fun.

Have you been?

Love, love,

On a funny little, slightly related side note I found the book above on the floor yesterday, it was presented to my Mum for "Punctual and Regular Attendance" at her Sunday School in 1953.  How cute is that?!  I thought it was appropriate....


  1. I got loads at the weekend intending to make jam. Sadly I had no jars so I made Blackberry cobbler which didn't really rise and was like a massive stodgy dumpling with fruit in it. I still managed to eat it all...;)

    1. Ha! That sounds just like us! We just scoffed the blackberries, we weren't even organised enough to manage the cobbler!!

  2. Sounds lovely :) That's on my summer to do list for next year to go fruit picking! Looking forward to seeing what you get up to next week :)

    Lauren x

    1. Ahhh, thank you lovely! I do love fruit picking, it's a very satisfying way to spend an afternoon - and blackberry vodka is a very satisfying way to spend an evening!!

  3. Hey lovely! This looks amazing - how wonderful is picking your own fresh food!! And it's so awesome your girls love the fresh fruit! We have a huge Orange tree that produces amazing fruit, yet I struggle to be able to get my munchkins to eat them!! Thanks so much for linking up again! Hope you've had an amazing week Xx

    1. Oh how lovely! They'll probably come round to the idea when they get older. My girls aren't all that keen on oranges right now, but I've got my fingers crossed for the future, I LOVE them!


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