Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Making our house a coffee table wishlist.

 Our sitting room is a strange one. In a former life it was a dining room, it's a long rectangular shape and this bothers me.  I feel like it's like it's always going to look like a room designed to house a table and I can't seem to get away from that idea.  When we decorated we tried really hard to make it seem less rectangular, I wanted to give the room a focus, but I was determined that the focus would NOT be the television (a pet hate) so we bought a fire in the hope that it would draw the eye.  To a certain extent that worked, then we tried adding rug to make it feel cosy, but it's still not cutting it.

I decided that the answer was a coffee table, we always used to have one, but it seems to be an item that disappeared when Biscuit was small as we were always concerned she'd bump herself on it.  She's grown up enough to be careful now and thankfully Wiggles is heading in that direction too.  To me a coffee table makes a room into a Sitting Room.

John Lewis is always my go to website.  Our wedding list was held there so it's always the place I visit first.  And, rather handily, John Lewis have a wide range of coffee tables on offer.  So here is my coffee table wish list:

1 - I've always adored Ercol furniture so I'd love to have this table.  My Grandparents had Ercol everywhere, its so beautifully made, it reminds me of being a little girl.

2 -  This table was made in India and you can tell, I love the authentic feel it has and the dark wood.  The shape of the legs is just beautiful and it looks sturdy enough to be around my children, plus it's reasonably priced.

3.  I love the retro feel of this table, how cool are those angled legs?  Plus being able to hide more unsightly items in the closed section underneath - like remote controls (Wiggles' favourite toy) would be perfect for us.

4 - This table is gorgeous, I think it looks antique, without being too fussy. I love the contrasting colours of the wood around the drawers.  I can picture Wiggles having a lot of fun opening and closing them all.

5 - A very stylish table, the glass top would mean it wouldn't look too obtrusive.  I think this would be a great table to have if space was limited.

6 - I think this has to be my favourite table of all.  The two top panels slide apart so you can use the space underneath for storage. Our sitting room is constantly stuffed full of small toys and this would be the perfect place to hide them when the girls have gone to bed to make the transition back to an adult room.

Do you have a coffee table? Which is your favourite?  

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  1. I like 6 for it's crap hiding potential. I'd have to paint it though! xx

    1. I love the idea of being able to hide all the stuff that hangs around at at the end of the day away in a kind of grown up toy box! I'd be a bit disappointed if you didn't say you'd have to paint it really my dear, that wouldn't be living up to your "Painted Style" reputation now would it!!?! :) x

  2. Wow!! All the tables are very good. I am looking for coffee table. May be one of them is good.

    Kopi Luwak

  3. I would love one like number 6! Ideal foe hiding things away x

  4. I have a coffee table in my formal living room. It is black and sort of like your Number 2.

  5. I go for number 4, but then I have a weird thing for little drawers. There is something so quaint and vintage about wee drawers. Sigh.

    1. Oh isn't there?! I am a complete sucker for little drawers! :) x


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