Sunday, 20 October 2013

Friday Treats....#7 Rings on her fingers, bells on her toes...

Due to being a little under the weather this week, my usual Friday Treats post has been a delayed. I did, however, manage to purchase a Friday Treat for Biscuit, so I thought I share it anyway. Better late than never, hey?

Friday Treat: Rings & Stick-on Earrings

Price:  £2.50 from H&M. 

Reaction: Pretty chuffed! She loves the idea of having earrings to wear, as some girls in her class have had their ears pearced, and she knows she's not allowed. I didn't get my own ears pierced until I was 33! These were a happy compromise. Her favourite was the pink heart ring. 

Hope you've had great weekends! 

Love, love, 

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  1. I remember loving sticker earrings! Eloise isn't allowed to get her ears pierced until she can handle going to a tattoo shop and using a real needle vs. the gun. I messed up my first hole and I can't wear earrings anymore.

    1. Oh no! I think that's a very sensible way of making sure they're old enough, I might adopt it! Certainly makes it more real, hey?

  2. Oh they looked lovely,no wonder she liked them :-) hope you are feeling better now xxx

  3. My girl would have loved this when she was Biscuit's age; a lovely treat. I wasn't allowed to have my ears pierced when I was living at home, so when I was 15 I went out and got my nose pierced instead...I was a horrible teenager...

    1. Ha! I do love a horrible teenager though, a bit feisty, at least they've got character that way! :) x


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