Thursday, 7 November 2013


Hello Lovelies!

Once again I am very happy to be joining in with Ot and Et and Harvesting Kale and their marvellous "Currently" series.  Here's me:  

After trying my hardest to cut down on all the rubbish food I've been eating for so long I have found myself craving some unusual things.  I've always been someone who adores the sweetest of tastes, but lately I seem to have changed and have been hankering after spicy foods instead.  Bean chilli the other day with chipotle filled my heart with glee!  I gorged on the leftovers for three solid days and could happily have carried on.

This time last week little Biscuit was waiting so patiently for her Halloween party.  I had to bite my lip in the morning after she'd told me for the 400th time that she "couldn't wait for her Spooky Party".  It wasn't something that I was particularly looking forward to doing, but I came to realise that some times you have to push yourself forwards to make them happy.  

This time of year sees birthdays for my Mum, my Dad and my older brother.  They're all so close together that I live in fear of forgetting one of them.  I think I'm pretty well prepared this year, finding gifts, trying to make sure each person's day is memorable.  I've been remembering their favourite meals, what treats they like and other little things to make each feel special.  Must also remember that my brother hates Turkish Delight, but my Dad loves it.  I tend to get those two confused.....

Biscuit went back to school this week after her half term holiday.   As much as I miss her during the day I do find that I am liking the structure that this gives to my day.  I enjoy routine sometimes, and as sad as it may be it pleases me when I am on top of what I need to be doing and when....

I was given a soup machine by my parents as an early Christmas present.  It seemed silly to wait another two months when Autumn (in my head at least) is very much soup season.  So I've been cooking as many different varieties of soup as I can think of.  I say "cooking" in the loosest possible sense, as really my happy little soup kettle has been doing all the hard work.  I just fill her up with the raw ingredients and stand by impatiently.  Pumpkin soup featured last week (of course) but I am a little bored of pumpkins now, ours have been around for a while, so instead I give my pumpkin soup a Thai twist with lemongrass and red chilli.  Back to the spicy thing again!  Maybe it's the weather, I've been trying to banish the chill from my bones.

Join in?

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  1. Ooooh I`ve always wondered about a soup maker! I think you should post some piccies of your soups :D


    1. I keep planning a post, but my soup photography skills make everything look lousy!!

  2. My mum wants a soup maker for Christmas - I'm a little intrigued, and agree pictures are necessary.
    And impressed you got that lovely party together, I really do feel that pull/push. Doing things you're not particularly comfortable with because they are themselves and have their own wonderful hopes and ideas about how the world should be; such a part of the whole thing of parenting.

    1. It's funny really isn't it, we can make ourselves do all sorts of things we'd rather not for our children, but of my own volition, no ta!!

  3. Is it weird that I've never seen a soup machine before? I'm so curious now!

    1. Not weird at all! I'd not seen one until very recently! It looks kinda like a really big kettle.


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