Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The Week That Was - Parties, Pictures & The Mothership

Last week we were busy bees as always. Here's what we did:

Monday: Biscuit went to school in the howling wind and rain and Wiggles and I went to her little friend Em's 1st Birthday at Tilly's house. It was lovely! There was bunting, Buck's Fizz and amazing cake! Wiggles was only a teeny bit naughty when she pulled Em's hair, but I'm putting it down to excitement...

Monday afternoon we collected Biscuit from school and she and Wiggles ate party biscuits. Mrs Robinson and little Hank came over to say hello and all three children enjoyed playing cars inside Dad's Land Rover. 

Tuesday: Wiggles and I went to baby group where Wiggles posed for some Christmas photographs taken by my lovely friend Dee. Tuesday after school Biscuit had ballet and came home with tales of graceful new moves learnt. She came home to a big hearty lasagne and ate and ate and ate!

Wednesday: work for me, school for Biscuit and Wiggles and Gran spent the day together. Someone stole Wiggles' special squash cup after it was accidentally forgotten at a coffee morning. Gran went back within half and hour and searched high and low, but nothing turned up. Poor Gran was very worried.

Thursday: Wiggles and I baked a cake for  me to take to WI that night. Wiggles "helped" me wash up and thought that was marvellous fun!

She can pitch in with that any old time!! WI had a lady racing driver as the speaker, who was really, really good. I didn't think I had the slightest interest in cars, but the ways she talked was fascinating, so engaging.

Friday: work, ugh. And curry, so not all bad.

Saturday: we completed a collection of geocaches we'd been slowly finding over a long time. The last one was called The Mothership. Biscuit "found" three in total and was very excited. On the way home we called into the supermarket and bought advent calendars for the girls. We had Chinese food for tea with Mum and Dad. Mr Husband and I were still hungry later and scoffed crisps secretly. Wiggles had croup and made a heartbreaking noise like a seal pup all night.

Sunday: we all went for lunch at a local pub. It didn't go well. Wiggles screamed and a fat-bottomed condescending woman tutted. Biscuit was a little sweetheart and made us all laugh by producing a silver coaster from her bag of toys, which she delicately slid beneath her lemonade glass without a word!


Me Husband and Biscuit went for a walk afterwards and Wiggles and I went home so she could have her nap. Much needed. When they came home we all sat and had a nice little tea together.  Roll on next week! 

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  1. Hahaha, I just laughed out loud at the line about Biscuit and the silver coaster! What a civilised lady she is. Boo to tutty ladies, croup (hope she's much better now?) and lost drink cups, but woop to curry, washing up and cake! Sounds like a mega busy week! xx

    1. She is much better now, thank you! Phew! She made us laugh so much with that coaster, it's the forethought that amuses me! :) xx

  2. What a sweet week full of treats and simple good times with your girls and fam <3 I hope little Wiggles is over her cough. It's the time of year for tragic health and I HATE IT! xo

    1. It's bugs, bugs, bugs isn't it! Hope you're all good tho my lovely xx


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