Sunday, 10 November 2013

This Weekend....

This weekend I have:

• Cleaned
• Gathered
• Packed
• Unpacked 
• Stood
• Sold 
• Counted
• Celebrated 
• Snoozed
• Collected
• Dropped off
• Explained
• Reassured
• Visited 
• Laughed 
• Bought 
• Cooked 
• Served 
• Enjoyed 
• Watched
• Slept

I think that pretty much covers everything! 

Hope your weekend's were good ones too? 

Love, love, 

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Oh yes, and Wiggles put a bucket on her head.....


  1. Bloomin' heck. Exhausted just reading that! I have mostly just drilled. xx

    1. Ha! Brilliant! I would be terrified to even hold a drill!

  2. Busy! And bucket-ful! That's my kind-a weekend!


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