Monday, 6 January 2014

A leathery new look....

Yesterday it was Mr Husband's Birthday.  Happy Birthday my love!  To celebrate we went to Sainsbury's during the day (like you do) and then my dear Mama baby-sat for us in the evening so we could go to the cinema to watch the second part of The Hobbit.

In honour of Mr Husband's birthday I decided to treat myself to a new skirt, bought whilst at Sainsbury's. I seem to get quite a lot of clothing from Sainsbury's, they do some great stuff. Anyway, this time I plumped for something a little different for me.  I'm used to wearing a pencil skirt and have many in different colours and fabrics, but this time I was somehow compelled to buy one in a kind of rusty red leather-type material.  It isn't real leather, in fact it's machine washable (yay) but to be honest that makes me like it all the more!

Probably one of the things I like the most about it is that it's quite slimming.  Not being a particularly stretchy fabric it can REALLY hold everything in place, in fact, I am pleased to report that despite buying this post-Christmas pig out it's actually a size 12!  My first size 12 for about fifteen years!  Yay!

Here's what it looked like on.....apologies for the slightly fuzzy picture, I seem to be having some issues with my camera at the moment - I suspect a small, sticky fingered person may have gained access at some point....

I decided to wear it with quite a simple black jumper as, in better light, it's actually quite a bold colour.  I'm really pleased with it, a bit of a different style choice for me. Mr Husband says it's quite saucy, but he's a secret perv, so we can't go by what he says....

It was originally labelled as being £22, but is currently on sale for £11, can't complain about that!

So....what do you think?  Any suggestions on colours that would go well would be most welcome!  Anyone else wear leather or leather-look clothing?  I have an image of Ross from Friends in my head, so any tips that would avoid me having to make a talcum powder paste to free my legs would be great ;)

Love, love,

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P.S On an entirely unrelated note, and hence not worth an entire post, I've decided to move the buttons of my favourite blogs to give them a page of their own.  Click on the Blog Roll tab above for a little look.  If anyone is interested in a button swap, please shout!  Over and out xx


  1. Wow, you look fantastic! I've not yet gone in for a leather(like) skirt, though I've been eyeing some for a while-- I like how they look with sweaters &/or dress shirts!

    1. Me too! Ooooh, take the plunge and report back! :) x

  2. Wit Woo my lovely! Looking fab! x


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