Thursday, 9 January 2014


Hello Lovelies!

Once again I am very happy to be joining in with Ot and Et and Harvesting Kale and their marvellous "Currently" series  This is my first Currently of 2014, huzzah!!

I am not great at resolutions, I tend to come up with something half hearted and keep to it for about a week.  I'm much better at spur of the moment decisions.  However, I have been (informally) resolving to get back to my post Christmas diet, to walk more, to spend more quality time with my children and with my husband.  I think that's about it.  Don't hold me to them, I mean, I'll try, but don't be cross ok?

For a little while my folks have been considering getting a little flat in London.  My Dad is currently working there during the week (he returns home at the weekend) and it would make a lot more sense for him to rent his own place rather than waste money on hotels.  It finally looks like the plan is coming together and I am anticipating spending a long hot summer trolling around the capital doing ridiculously touristy things with my little family.  He had a little flat there once before, long before Wiggles was born, and Mr Husband and I could head up there with luck and a babysitter, for an impromptu performance at The Globe, or something equally fabulous.  We took Biscuit for a week's holiday when she was so tiny and she LOVED it.  She sat in her buggy on the tube shouting "tickets please" at miserable strangers.  Brill.


I've got a plan in relation to eating!  My theory is that it is pretty much impossible to eat all the boring plain, healthy food that we have in the house, whilst there is still left over delicious Christmas food.  The temptation is just too great.  Therefore, I have been selflessly eating my way through all the naughty food that we still have left, in the hope that once it's all gone I can make a fresh start.  That's not too crazy is it?

Rather excitingly we have been invited to a friend's 40th birthday party in a couple of weeks, so I have been making my costume in preparation.  I wont reveal what it is yet, but the theme is 70's as she was born in the 70's (durr).  I always think that fancy dress costumes should be really obvious, or you get really fed up with people asking what you're supposed to be all night.  I also have issues with sexy fancy dress, it turns my stomach.  I'd rather look like a complete wally than someone who was aiming for sexy.  Ugh. Hence making my own costume, I figure it's the only way I can have it exactly as I want it.

I can't really claim that I have been remembering all that much.  I have been failing to remember Biscuit's school lunch money, to return Connie's bowl left here at New Year, and of course, (as ever) I have systematically failed to remember to get the Thank You cards done and posted out on time.  Hey ho.  I'm nothing if not consistent, hope you've all been much better examples than me!

Join in?

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  1. That flat would be so good! We sometimes flat/ pet sit for friends who live in London and it is so lovely. from here we can just about do an evening out there for a gig or whatever and get the last Kings Cross train at midnight back to Cambridge, and drive home from there, but it's a bit knackering. Hope there will be photo's of your 70's outfit x

    1. There will, there will!

      London can be great can't it? I need to get away from it too though, it can get too much for me. Hence REALLY wanting the flat. I think it come from living in the country, I'm too used to having space around me :) x


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