Thursday, 27 March 2014


Hello Lovelies!

It's Currently again!  The delightful and charming Lindsey from Ot and Et is in charge whilst Randalin from Harvesting Kale who is now back to hosting following the birth of her, frankly beautiful, baby girl.  I can't tell you how much I enjoyed co-hosting with lovely Lindsey whilst she had a few weeks to herself - thank you for letting me guys!

Anyway, on to the business in hand!  This week's themes are:  Facing, Snapping, Counting Loving, Hopping...

I have been facing up to my responsibilities and looking after my older brother (who has learning difficulties) and my Ma and Pa's dogs whilst they take a little break together.  Sheesh it's hard work.  I made it a little worse for myself by inviting a friend of Biscuit's over to play as well, but WOW did I feel like I was being pulled in a lot of directions.  I'm not sure how well I did, but everyone seemed to survive!

Due to the sudden and unexpected death of my camera I have been snapping away on my phone instead.  Although (generally speaking) the picture quality suffers I do like the immediate nature of it.  See it, snap it.  No "Now where did I put that camera" faffing nonsense for me!  I love to take lots of random pictures, it doesn't bother me if they're great or not, as long as they make me smile.  It's nice to discover some of the less important ones after a little time has passed and I've forgotten about them, they tend to be the ones that make me smile most!  I had forgotten I'd ever taken these two, but I love them a lot.

I am currently, unashamedly counting the days until I get to go out with my girly friends for a drink next week.  I've got transport sorted, outfit sorted and I've been saving my pennies!  It's all in the anticipation for me.

I am very much loving watching Wiggles' vocabulary grow.  Everyday she seems to pick up something different from one of us.  I love the way she bellows "Hello!" at everyone she passes.  I love the way she will repeat back "Okay!" if you ask her something with a phrase that ends with the word.  She does the same that with "Alright!"  It's so sweet.  Others probably find it dull.  They are wrong.

Biscuit has been hopping from book to book lately.  We were really lucky to be given a whole box full on Sunday, left over from a book stall in our local church.  Her reading is coming on so well and it warms my heart to see her hop from reading a "proper" school book, to a fairly wordy book of her own with such ease.  She loves to read, I can see the pride it brings her.

Next week:  

So come on, if you haven't before, why not give it a go!  Join in? 


  1. The reading business is so amazing. As is the talking. Hurray little achievers! Cute little achievers at that!

    1. They are amazing really aren't they? But then so are we! We GREW them!!!! :) xx


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