Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Birthday Greed - A Wish List...

You know those lovely subtle demure girls that don't like to mention it when it's their birthday?  The ones who act all dainty and surprised if you remember?  Well, that's not me!

It's my birthday in, ugh, four weeks, I can't wait four weeks!  I love birthdays.  This year we have "things" planned.  Adults only things.  That involve lobsters.  Now, now smutty!  Nothing like that.

Anyway, here is a little list I have compiled of things I would like for my birthday.  In truth, I don't actually expect anyone to buy me any of them, I find the trawling the internet for things that appeal to me just as much (if not more) fun than actually owning things.  Here goes:

I love this tiny skull necklace. I am a teenage goth at heart, and they appeal that side of me.  Find it here

The Game of Thrones "my moon and stars" reference isn't lost on me, this necklace is gorgeous, what a gift for a loved one.  Find it here

I am a complete sucker for a bit of Shakespeare.  And a brooch.  Who wouldn't want to combine both!?!  Find it here.

We have far to many mugs already, but I wouldn't turn this puppy down!  I'm sure we could make a leeeetle more space in the cupboard of doom.  Find it here

I'd FIND an opportunity to wear this!  It's gorgeous. Find it here

A bit like a golden snitch, a bit like a fairly dangerous weapon.  Definitely beautiful jewellery.  Just what a girl needs!  Find it here

Loooooook!  That's my Pearly girl!  Find her here

Oh yes, and if someone could just see their way clear to buy me one of these puppies, I'd be ever so grateful!  Hey, if you don't ask!

This post contains no sponsored links or paid content.  Just pure unadulterated greed.

Oh yes.

Love, love,

*photographs belong to the sites listed.


  1. The "snitch" secret ball necklace is utterly fabulous! What a clever list of goodies you've found!!

    1. Isn't it great? I might just have to buy myself one regardless.... xx

  2. Really like the skull necklace, did you ever get it?
    :) Danica

    1. Not yet my dear....but I have grand plans!! :) x


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