Monday, 24 March 2014

The Week That Was - Selfies, Cake and Tea Sets...

Last week, my week went a little something like this:

Monday - Biscuit went back to school following last week's bout of illness. I think half her class were stuck down with it!! It was a beautiful sunny day. Wiggles and I went to buy soup ingredients and sweeties. I finally finished my blanket, packaged it up and took it to the Post Office whilst Biscuit was at her dancing. Started a new blanket in the evening, for Biscuit's teacher who leaves to have a baby at the end of term. 

Tuesday -  Wiggles and I toddled our way to toddler group after dropping Evie off at school. I'm not going to lie, there was some duffing up. Wiggles was in a fights mood. After lunch Impressive E dropped Bee over for a while whilst she went to look at a potential new house. We had a cuppa on her return and chatted about the house and it's potential before heading off to pick up together. 

Wednesday - Work for me. It's was the first day that I'd see Carlos the Jackal after her return. It was so lovely to see her, I know she'd had a really tough time. Nothing else of note happened, except perhaps the no make up selfie craze! I had to join in, too good a cause! This was my picture: 

Thursday - After dropping Biscuit off at school Wiggles and I went over to Belle's new house. Wiggles played very nicely with Squeak, Whizzie and Beetle. 

I love this picture! Wiggles is holding a tea cup, Whizzie has the plates and just out of shot Squeak has a piece of shortbread! Great planning girls! 

ate cake and drank tea with Belle, Impressive E and Shell, which was delightful! I spent the rest of the day cleaning and tidying the house, which felt very rewarding. We all had sausage casserole for tea, made with minimal effort in the slow cooker. The girl's had chocolate cake for pudding which they thought was brilliant! 

Friday - Dull and boring day at work. Fish curry at lunchtime, YUMMERS. A quick visit to the supermarket before home to pick Biscuit up popcorn and sweeties for Saturday. She's having her little friend Star over in the afternoon so they can dress as princesses and watch Disney films. Fab huh? 

Saturday - What a busy day! After having a lovely lay in I got up and went down stairs. Wiggles was dressed, but Bisvuit was still in her pyjamas. I asked her if she'd like to get dressed and go out to the village market. You can see her reply here! Cheeky thing. She got dressed anyway and we walked to the quarterly village market held on our Common. We bought loads of fresh local veg, some potatoes, kale, parsnips, beetroot and cauliflower. It was lovely and sunny, but freezing cold! We walked home, then Biscuit and I headed back out again to take the car to the village car wash. On our walk back we popped into the church where they were selling cakes, books, clothes and bric a brac. We bought some books for the girls and I bought a red striped top for £3.50. We headed home to have hot dogs for lunch. We are looking after my brother for a couple of days whilst Mum and Dad are in London. In the afternoon Biscuit's friend Star came over and they dresses in their princess dresses, and watched Disney films. They were both beautifully behaved, bless them.

Here they are pretending they were at the cinema. 

Poor little Wiggles was sick during the night. Pretty much everywhere! Cue much changing of sheets, bathing of stinky babies and nighttime washing. Poor little girl, it's the first time she's really been physically sick, not nice for her. Thankfully she was really good about going back to sleep. 

Sunday - Wiggles seemed a little brighter, although, not hungry, for obvious reasons! We went up to a local car showroom in the morning as my Dad asked me to get one of his cars valued whilst he was away. Wiggles and I left the chap to it and went off to buy her a tea set (after Squeak's proved so popular). I also got a pair of pink jeans for Biscuit. When we came home there was much flapping as my brother throughout he'd accidentally let the dog out. It turned out that she was just shut in a cupboard by mistake. That'll teach her to be nosey! I can't resist her little face, she spent a small portion of the afternoon having a snooze on my knee:

The weather was so awful we couldn't go anywhere. Freezing cold with giant hail stones. Instead we stayed in and mooches about. Lazy, but nice! 

Well that was mine, how was yours?

Love, love,

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  1. Too funny about the pug in the cupboard (which sounds like a children's book: The Pug in the Cupboard). So sorry the littles were poorly & hope Wiggles in fully mended by now!!

    1. That bloomin' pug! I could have cried and kicked it both at the same time. I did neither. The Pug in the Cupboard would really make a great book - I'd read it!


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