Monday, 7 April 2014

The Week That Was - String Bags, Suspicious Sambucca and Super Geeks...

Last week, my week went a little something like this:

Monday - We dropped Biscuit off at school and after a little general tidying we walked the dogs with Mum. Wiggles showed off her slide skills! At lunch time Mr Husband cake home from work feeling poorly, he'd caught the big poor sausage! He went straight to bed. I took Wiggles and Biscuit dancing and used the oven timer to roast a chicken for our return home. I started to make a string bag from a pattern in a book leant to me by Impressive E. I (rather smugly) managed to finish it the same night! Dead pleased ! 

Tuesday -  School for Biscuit, baby group for Wiggles and I. I started another string bag (obsessed) for Impressive E. Mr Husband started to feel a little better. Yay! Finished my bag off in the evening:

Wednesday - Work for me. My favourite chazza has turned into a vintage only shop so I paid my first visit on my lunch break. It was great! I can tell it's going to be a favourite! LB let me park in her space so it felt like I was there and back to work in no time. I rather like that! 

Thursday - Biscuit to school followed by her church assembly where Wiggles and I went to listen. After we came home we spent the morning with my Dad whilst Mum was out and I (rather brilliantly) suggested a way of extending their house to give them a little more space. Dad got very excited, drawing plans to scale and flapping about with take measures! After school there was an Easter Egg hunt in aid of the local nursery. I took both girls and they loved it! 

Friday - Work for me in the morning as usual, but then yay! I had the afternoon off!! I walked into town to get Mr Husband a curry for his lunch and decided to treat myself to a posh steak sandwich. It was delicious! You know those sandwiches that never want to end? I came home and surprised Wiggles, it was lovely she was so excited to see me. She then proceeded to go through my bag whilst I wasn't looking put on my work ID, my glasses (upside down) and march back through to where I was sitting shouting "allo!" It was so funny. She looked like a goggle eyed loon! 

I had to make my Mum promise that I don't look like that in my glasses. I went down to collect Biscuit from school on my own as it was her teacher's last day at work before having a baby. We had cake and Easter Eggs and it was a lovely send off for her. I hope! After putting the children to bed I got ready to go out. Ash came over first, followed by Lucky, followed by Tilly.  We had a great night, but let's just say I a managed to over do it a bit (no tea, fool!) so felt rotten the next day! Yes I was sick.  A fully grown adult, puking like a teenager.  Oh the shame!  The utter shame!  At least I am old enough to know how to be discreetly sick, so that's a plus point.  I think...

Silly girls!

Ash, Lucky, Tilly and ooooh, me!

Ash pointed out the following day that we are all clearly ridiculous.  I think she might be right!

Saturday - I skulked in bed whilst Mr Husband pottered around with the children and made sure I knew that I was firmly in the dog house.  I started to feel better somewhere around lunchtime.  Mr Husband took Wiggles to the supermarket with him and Biscuit and I sat on the sofa and watched Brave with some popcorn.  Considering I was neither use nor ornament I think that was a fairly constructive use of time.  Who doesn't love a bit of recuperative Disney?

In the evening Mr Husband (who had forgiven me by then) and I watched Alpha Papa on DVD and ate onion rings, I'd forgotten how good both things are!

Sunday - Sunday was not an interesting day, but it was constructive.  I cleared out some space in Wiggles room as we're hoping to decorate it soon.  There are so many huge, ugly plastic toys around that need space, but I'm loathe to get rid of them because she loves them so much.  In the ended I decided to move some of her more baby-ish toys out into the loft. It looked a lot better for it in the end. Because the weather was so rubbish we were housebound so I started following a crochet tutorial on ripple stitches. It was really good fun, but not exactly easy! We had a lovely roast dinner and bathed the girls and put them to bed. Because we're geeks and proud we went to bed and got back up again at 2 am to watch the Game of Thrones Season 4 Premiere. It was completely bloomin' brilliant. I've missed it!!! Worth every eye bag! 

Well that was mine, how was yours?

Love, love,

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