Monday, 21 April 2014

The Week That Was - Two Birthdays & A Bunny...

Last week, my week went a little something like this:

Monday - Wiggles, Biscuit and I had a lazy morning pottering around. At lunchtime I took Biscuit to the doctor's to get her some medicine for what turned out to be a nasty chest infection. I came home and made both girls have a nap. Ha! I forgot to mention that I finished Baby Schubert's ripple blanket yesterday didn't I? Here's a belated unrelated picture:

Where was I? Oh yes! In the afternoon we went to visit my office and the met Tallulah for a cup of coffee. After coming home I rushed straight back out to help with a WI meeting in the local village hall. It was dull and tiring and I escaped as soon as humanly possible! Mr Husband and I watched Game of Thrones and scoffed an Easter Egg together. Lovely job. 

Tuesday -  My Birthday, hurrah!! Me Husband and my little pickles woke me up with kisses , slobber and presents. Lovely! I stayed in bed, drank tea and fiddled about with my new camera (present). For lunch Mr Husband took me to the most amazing seafood restaurant on an island a short drive away. I knew it was going to be good when we pulled up outside and this was the sign.

Inside it was so lovely! Quiet, rustic and comfortable. A bit like sitting in your Granny's front room! But the staff and chef were great, they knew how to make you feel right at home. Mr Husband had prawns to start whilst I had chilli squid, I can't tell you how delicious it was! I had a lovely glass of local wine. Then we both had lobster. Now this was a BIG thing for us. For years we've been saying that we'd like to try lobster, but we never have. It was lovely, it really was.  And it felt like a real treat.  It made my birthday feel really special.  And there's something lovely about sneaking off for a child free lunch isn't there?  

Wednesday - We didn't do a great deal in the morning, we pottered around a bit and took it quite easy. In the afternoon Biscuit went to a little chum's birthday party at a local Frankie & Benny's. She enjoyed it, but I couldn't help but think she's a little young for meals out like that? She's still into party games and running around "dancing".

Thursday - My darling oldest daughter's 6th birthday! She requested pink milk and cocoa pops in bed, the little love!

 After a lot of present opening Biscuit's little friend E popped over to play whilst her Mummy did my Mum's nails! They had a lovely time. After she'd gone Nana and Grandad came over, literally for ten minutes to give Biscuit her presents. We then headed out to catch a train and meet Lucky, Dinky, Star, Impressive E, Woolly and Beetle at a park a little way away for a picnic. It was lovely.

 We had wine, they had cake, played on the slide and the swings then we went around the nature reserve. After getting the train home Mr Husband and I took Biscuit and Wiggles to MacDonald's (as requested) which they adored! We came home completely pooped! 

Friday - I made the most of Mr Husband being at home and got on with heavy duty cleaning - minus Wiggles! Far easier to concentrate without my little helper! I wrote to Tesco to complain about the deeply pants fruit the delivered the day before. What can I say, I was bored! Want to read my email? Course you do!! Here goes:

Good Afternoon, 

The order number detailed above was delivered to me yesterday evening. Today, I went to eat a banana from the bunch I purchased only to discover that nearly every banana in said bunch had split open lengthways. I cannot eat them and I certainly cannot feed them to my children. If I had pigs I would be dubious about feeding your crappy open bananas to them on the off chance that a tarantula might crawl out of one of the open skins. Or worse that the open skins may have allowed a tarantula to access to my bananas to lay her eggs inside. I would then be feeding bananas filled with tarantula eggs to pigs I don't actually own, doubtlessly infesting them too. I have photographed the problem and given a suitable email address I can forward you my picture to illustrate. Just to clarify the picture will be of the rubbish bananas you sent me, not of mythical spider riddled pigs. 

This is beyond frustrating. I no longer have faith in your fruit. And I'm now hungry. And there is a possibility that my potassium levels have dipped to a dangerously low point, although I admit, this is unlikely. 

Seriously though, sort it out. 

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Kate Grumpy-Pants

Apart from that we did nothing, we were still shattered from the day before! 

Saturday - Because we'd stayed in on Friday we decided to head off National Trust-ing! We went to an ancient burial mound. What possessed us I'll never know, it was dull, dull, dull! So boring I only took one photograph! And that's not worth posting. Plus it was freezing cold and full of loud obnoxious people. We stopped of at the supermarket and bought a car picnic. Wiggles and Biscuit stuffed themselves! Tesco replied to my email. The humour-less bastards refunded me £1. I am SO lucky! We came home, ate pasta and put the Smalls to bed. Mr Husband and I watched Endeavour and ate Galaxy. Very nice! 

Sunday - Easter Sunday!!! It is traditional in our house for my Mum to organise an Easter Egg hunt in her lounge.  The only rule is that you don't have to touch any of her "precious things" to locate eggs.  Biscuit has always loved this little event, but this year Wiggles was old enough to enjoy joining in too!  It was really sweet to watch them joining in with their buckets in hand.

We had lunch with my Mum, Dad and Brother and afterwards Mr Husband watched the football.  In the evening we watched crap telly and ate mountains of chocolate, can't complain about that!

Well that was mine, how was yours?

Love, love,

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  1. Your letter to Tescos was totally wasted on them. Find a retailer worthy of your wit! I think I know the island resteraunt and you've made me want to return soon. Belated happy birthday to you and to

  2. Replies
    1. Why thank you my dear! You are kind. A friend always refers to them as Gro-Tesco. I think she might be right!

      Oh do go! I plan on many return trips! I have an idyllic picture in my head of being able to take the small people who'd sit around being beautifully behaved and chomping heartily on mussels, scallops and suchlike! ;)


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