Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Weight Loss Wednesday....#2

Happy Wednesday! I'm finding it hard to comprehend that a week has passed since my first post for #WeightLossWednesday! I'm joining in with Nat and Bel over at Twice The Mum again this week. 

I promised myself when doing these posts I wouldn't just trot out a string of excuses, but I do think I should point out that I was away in London all weekend and didn't "diet". I refuse to nibble in a lettuce leaf whilst enjoying a little break, it's not normal. That said I have been eating well the rest of the time and here are the results of this week's weigh in:

Start weight: 10st 8lb
Current Weight: 10st 7lb
Lose, Gain or Stay the Same: Loss (-1lb)
Total Loss: 1lb

I don't think I mentioned last week, but I would like to (eventually) reach a goal weight of 9st 7lbs. Though right now, a round 10st would make me very happy!

Today I feel like I've wasted a lot of calories on eating "snacky" food at work. It's all been good healthy stuff, but it does add up! I've eaten plenty of fruit and veg today, but the breakdown of my intake (via MyFitnessPal) suggests quite a lot of that was carb based. This is something I'd like to work on.

It also seems that I need to up my fat and protein intake a little too. 

So here's to what I hope will be a good week. Fingers crossed for a little more progress next week!! 


  1. Well done Kate! I agree with the whole, nibbling on a lettuce leaf thing. There is no point making yourself miserable on the one-off occasions, as you only end up regretting it. Knowing I have another socialising weekend, I have to be careful during this week!

    1. Thank you my dear. It is hard isn't it? I find gatherings are the times I'm most likely to say "sod it!" Stay strong!

  2. Losing 1lb after a weekend off is a fab result - totally agree that you can't let weightloss rule your life so treats and weekends off just have to be allowed for ! :)

    (I have a Sunday weigh-in linkie here if you want to join up there too : )

    1. Thank you Cheryl! And thank you for the heads up - I hope to pop along next week :) x

  3. Fab week and yes definitely life can mean it's not feasable to diet 24/7!


    1. Thank you Alice! That would just be TOO depressing wouldn't it?! ;) x


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