Monday, 16 June 2014

The Week That Was - Cava, Curry and Crazy Bedrooms...

Last week, my week went a little something like this:

Monday - The plasterer turned up!!! He actually turned up!!! Everything is back on track on the decorating front and my relief is ridiculous. It does seem that our walls have a weird way of rejecting all plaster, and even the newly skimmed walls had to be refilled where it was blown off, but it's ok (apparently) and as long as it stays put I don't care.

Lil flew by for a quick catch up. We had tea and fudge whilst Wiggles napped, lovely!  After school Lil's gorgeous little girl Princess came for tea, she really is a sweetie.  We got the paddling pool out, but we didn't have two swimming costumes, so instead we had two wet princesses in fancy dress, which they thought was marvellous!  

In the evening we watched Game of Thrones (amazing) and ate treacle sponge.  I inadvertently drank a bloody fly that had landed in my cup of tea, which made me feel thoroughly ill.  Ugh.

Tuesday -  Aunty Schubert and Baby Schubert came to visit and we went to baby group together.  They are both so scrummy! Afterwards we had lunch. Just look at that gorgeous little boy!  And Aunty Schubert is just a lovely Mummy, a complete natural with such a lovely way.

I paid a quick visit to the supermarket before Impressive E came over to collect the paint for the shelves she and Impressive D are making us.  I nearly had a heart attack when she opened the tin of paint that was supposed to be grey, I didn't realise that all the pigment had settled and it looked yellow!  Thankfully after a lot of stirring all was well.  Just as we were sitting down to an evening cuppa I noticed a bloody great rider-less horse bolt down the main road past our lounge window.  I ran out to see what had happened, I was afraid that it had thrown its rider onto the road, but despite a long walk up the hill to check I could see nothing.  It's still a mystery!  Scary though.

Wednesday - A fairly dull day, work for me, made slightly more exciting my scoffing copious amount of marshmallows.  At home the plaster had dried and the decorating of Wiggles bedroom could finally begin.  I cannot wait till it's all finished and we can get back to our version of normal.  In the evening Mr Husband and I watched The Big Bang Theory box set we'd just bought, yelling "BANG!" at the end of the theme tune each time.  Love him.

Thursday - After the school run we met Lucky, Dinky, Tilly, Em and Belle at Impressive E's to eat celebratory cake in honour of Beetle's first  birthday.  It was lovely!  The small children had a good play in the sunshine.  We came home and Wiggles had a nap before our lovely hairdresser arrived to cut everybody's hair.  We had Toad in the hole for tea, which I must say was rather excellent - well done Chef (me).  In the evening Mum and I went to WI where there was a lady speaker discussing Acupuncture.  It was quite fascinating.  I went into the evening assuming that it was just wafty nonsense for hippies, but came out with the belief that for a particular ailment it really does seem to be quite beneficial to some.  I appreciated hearing that it does actually have some medical basis and isn't just made up craziness.  Mr Husband was thrilled that I was out for the evening as he got to watch the opening of the World Cup uninterrupted.  Dull!  

Friday - Work for me, a very busy day!   I was dead chuffed to discover on coming home that the decorating was nearly there, very exciting!  It was also our 5th Wedding Anniversary, so we celebrated by having curry and Cava. 

My lovely supervisor PP had given me two very pretty dresses which she no longer wears so I spent a happy evening adjusting them whilst watching telly. 

Saturday - Impressive E, Impressive D,  Woolly and Beetle all came over so E and D could fit and paint the new shelves.  We all had lunch together with Mum, Dad, my brother and his girlfriend.  It was lovely! Very relaxed, it kind of felt like Christmas.  Impressive D and I got a little tiddly on Dad's wine.  We went up to the allotment whilst Impressive E finished off the painting.  Dee popped up to deliver some strawberry plants whilst we were there, which was very kind of her.  The finished shelves look fabulous.  I couldn't be more chuffed!  They're just want I wanted.

Aren't they gorgeous?  And it's extra bloody lovely that our two fabulous friends made them together, it warms my old lady's heart it does!  In the evening Mr Husband went over to Lis and Neat's house to watch the first England match of the World Cup - rather him than me!  I read my book and had an early night.

Sunday - We mostly just pottered around the house all day.  I sorted out Biscuit's wardrobe and tidied up upstairs a little.  In the afternoon I mostly ate minstrels and read my book before we all had a lovely roast dinner together.  Sometimes there's a lot to be said for doing very little!

Well that was mine, how was yours?

Love, love,

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  1. Ooh a successful week then! Happy Wedding Anniversary :) Congratulations!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx


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