Friday, 4 October 2013

Friday Treats....#6 Definitely No Tricks

Good evening lovelies! Another Friday, another treat for Biscuit! 

I enjoy Halloween, but I strongly disagree with the concept of Trick or Treating. It goes against everything I tell my children the other 364 days of the year. It's just a personal thing. 

Despite that I love a good Halloween accessory and I've always been a big fan of dressing up! I'd promised Biscuit that this year she could invite her friends over to enjoy a "Spooky Tea". This would mean she still got to enjoy the fun, but safely indoors. 

This week's Friday Treat is in preparation for that:

Friday Treat: Halloween Bowls, Halloween Cups, Halloween Plates, Halloween Party Bags and Halloween Party Invitations. 

Price: £1 each, so £5 in total. 

Reaction: Very, VERY, Very excited! She has taken everything but the invitations into her room "to keep them safe". I've been asked to promise faithfully we can write invitations out tomorrow despite a busy day ahead. She also wanted to know how any days until her party, and whether they could have green jelly with eyeballs inside. Yes, yes, you can! 

Have great weekends!

Love, love, 

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  1. Hehe, green jelly with eyeballs in - wooooooooooooooooo!! I'm with you on the trick or treating business - a spooky tea sounds like a very good compromise!x

    1. I hope so, she's looking forward to it so that's a good sign!


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